“Adventure of a Lifetime”

A short 6 minute music video filmed whilst on holiday on the amazing Greek island of Kefalonia in Aug 2016, using a GoPro4 and a Lumix FZ200.

Features the equally amazing track by Coldplay : “Adventure of a Lifetime”

WARNING : Dad dancing, whiter than white flesh and a touch of implied nudity is present… viewers of a sensitive nature should watch from behind a pillow! lol

3 thoughts on ““Adventure of a Lifetime”

  1. Julie King

    Wow. Amazing video Debs. We loved it and definately made all the more special with the Coldplay song. Tim is very clever. You both obviously had an amazing time and look so good together. See you soon my lovely. Xx

  2. David Scragg

    Becoming a pro at these videos Tim. Great to see you having a lovely holiday. I was almost blinded though by how bright & white your arse was!!!

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